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Thank God For Family, Friends, But Most Of All, For Fast Cars

Starting a new post feels so weird especially after being gone for quite a while. Nonetheless, here I am once again, staring at the same “new post” page. Summer has drifted along rather quickly. I didn’t even have the chance to document my outfits for the past weeks considering the fact that I have worn a lot of great ones, mind you. LOL Such a shame! Anyway, I’ve been busy with the project I’ve mentioned on my last post. It has thought me quite a number of valuable lessons not only to be applied for future work reference, but also life lessons as well. This project may not seem to be a success in our eyes but a lot of people enjoyed it. To them, it is a success and I guess that’s what’s important. I have learned the value of holding back to make way for other people. In this industry, what people say is reality. Looking back at lessons from our Marketing classes, it is true that “perception is reality”. Anyway, blah blah blah more about my wonderful day and of course my outfit. LOL It’s been a while since I woke up just so I can do absolutely nothing. What fun! But then it got boring so I went to watch Fast and the Furious 6 with two of my favorite people in the world.


Serenitea to pass the time. Not a big fan of milk tea though…


yoohoo spot my tattoo LOL


my cousin, Sam and our friend, JAMAL… LOL I mean Gemeile


Couldn’t wait till the upcoming beach trip my parents planned…I just had to wear this top. It has ME written all over it LOL
ombre top – Keep Calm and Shop Online
ombre shorts – Bubbles

a closer look at my top… hihi I really am a mermaid, just so you know


I forgot where I got this necklace LOL Got it from some store at the Super Sale Bazaar though


clutch – Liz Claiborne
cuff – Amanda’s Closet at Glorietta 3


Gold sneakers from my bestfriend, Luisa

workin’ my tan LOL Got so burned during our event…Been hustlin’ under the harsh sun… ugh


Don’t you think it’s quite fitting to have my photos taken in the parking lot right after we watched Fast and the Furious 6? chos! Great movie all except for the ending. Though that’s my opinion based on a certain bias of mine 😛 Not spoiling what happened though. You should go watch it


So in the words of Dom Toretto, “we thank God for family, we thank God for friends, but most of all we thank God for fast cars”. That line sums up exactly how I feel after all the hard work we put into our “project”. Thankful.


So, how was your summer? 🙂





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It’s been a while since I’ve last posted and I don’t really want to get into details as to the reason of my blogging hiatus. I’ve already mentioned how busy I have been with thesis for the past weeks and I’m getting tired of it already. Seriously. I mean come on, it’s March already. It’s about time I get wasted on alcoholic beverages already (speaking of which I’ve been dying to have Mimosas but I don’t exactly know where to get some here in the Metro. Help?). I hereby swear to get me a cocktail of some sort as a little treat after we finally submit our thesis and after our PhySci finals. That’s a pinky promise.

Anyway, I titled this post “Transitional” because I think this is the starting point to transitioning my style into something darker, more mature but nonetheless fun, and a lot less girly. I just figured that I’m turning 20 years old this year and I haven’t really experimented much on my clothing. I want to try being more risqué. I’ve also been inspired by urban fashion lately. Whenever I’m not doing stuff for school, I’d read articles about the whole Chrihanna (Chris Brown + Rihanna) relationship. Apparently, they’re getting back together. It’s such a shame because I really liked Chris’ ex-girlfriend Karreuche. I think she’s so cute and her style’s really unique. I’d love to get my hands on a few pieces from The Kill, her joint venture with CB. I’ll find a way to get me a cap or a jacket soon. I just don’t think they’d be shipping outside of the U.S, though.

What I wore to another day of stress:

My friend Genevieve, (LOL) offered to take my photos and my friend Maika, did all the creative directing. It was so funny how both of them dragged me everywhere and to the most unusual areas too! Nonetheless, the pictures all turned out pretty good, don’t you think? Love my new style crew!

Love this photo personally!

My super rad necklace is from Apostrophe, that cute little store with all the Audrey Hepburn stuff. I normally wouldn’t wear gold and silver at the same time but I couldn’t resist buying this piece.

These gorgeous peep-toes are from Topshop. Got them at a discount for only a thousand and two hundred bucks! Lucky huh? They were the last ones for my size and I begged the attendant to hold it for me for two days. They don’t normally allow that but I guess the lady saw how much I wanted it. Thank you so much ate Topshop! I promise to always buy at that Topshop branch only :3

tank top – Kamiseta
vest – Classified
striped pants – What A Girl Wants WAGW
sunnies are a gift from Lulu bear

So stoked for my urban transformation! So stoked for summer vacay as well! Stay tuned 😉

Photos by Genevieve Arca

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That Awkward Moment…

Don’t you just hate cliff hangers? I sure do. Ironically though that’s what I came up with as a title for the post. I hung out at Starbucks since I thought I arrived in Makati too early for me to go straight to school. I just hate going to school without anyone to accompany me. I don’t know but I just find it weird wander in the halls alone and since we were having an open house for interested applicants, there would be a lot of people there. Another reason for me to spend time somewhere else until I find someone to accompany me. So, anyway, there I was happily sitting outside Starbucks, happily sipping on my Caramel Macchiato, satisfied by the solitude when kuya barista comes out and suddenly asks for my number. So, I tell him no. He assumes I have a boyfriend and I said, in a very as-a-matter-of-fact manner, “Why yes. Actually I have this gut feeling he’s going to propose to me tonight.” LOL I shouldn’t have said that. The kuya guard laughed at kuya barista as kuya barista went back in, defeated. Stupid me. Well, it wasn’t wrong to reject him, I do have a boyfriend after all, but I guess I shouldn’t have done so harshly. LOL I guess I won’t be going back there. Anyway… Yup…That awkward moment. LOL So, basically I went to school just to get out of the house.

So, this was what I wore:

So wasn’t in the mood… I felt so… laid-back lol

sheer black button-up from Greenhills blank tank from Bayo faded jeans from Next in Cinderella bag, Longchamp

feather necklace from some store at Hip in Rockwell

Killer spiked flats from Pill at The Ramp. Literally killer. Those spikes are so sharp you could actually poke someone’s eye out. Lol ironically though I don’t think that’ll ever happen unless I throw this at somebody

Jenni fooling around

Jenni fooling around part dos

Oh and after I went to school… TADAH! A surprise visit to the high school alma mater. It was so nostalgic being back on the quadrangle. *sigh*

Oh and our friend Macky celebrated his 20th birthday at the one and only Garage 14 AKA his house LOL. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures.

Photos by Tal Ybarola


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Rocket Man

Truth be told the title of this post has no connection whatsoever to the content. It just so happens that my dad was playing this cool Elton John song while I was thinking of a title. On the contrary, the song does go pretty well with fireworks as it is listed as one of the top 20 songs that go well with fireworks displays. Fireworks. That’s exactly what we went to Bulacan for. And a trip up north was just the perfect way to spend a Friday.


Look at all those fireworks…


Surprise surprise! We had a mini photo shoot at a fireworks warehouse… LOL

My “LMFAO” sunglasses are from Aldo

Heidi Klum shirt from Seventh Street and my shorts are originally acid washed boyfriend jeans from Paddock

My union jack watch is a gift from Singapore, bracelets are from Divisoria and the spiked bracelet I bought from my best friend as she is selling accessories at such cheap prices… Seriously… And I’d include the link to her shop here and all but…I don’t know its url LOL So, you better ask her…

And “poof” A wild Luisa appears out of nowhere LOL That’s my best friend, Lui… If you are interested in buying awesome cheap accessories go ask her… 😛 Oh! And check her blog out will you? Just click her name and you will be magically transported LOL

On a side note: Just in case you’re wondering… No… We did not plan on wearing similar outfits… LOL Just a common case of great minds thinking alike…duh

I just had to include this photo… My photographer for the day, BFF Macky

Fun day… So, how did you spend your Friday? 🙂

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Christmas Eve

It’s a tradition in every Filipino home to celebrate Noche Buena which is Spanish referring to the night before Christmas. Traditionally Filipinos gather with their loved ones to have dinner, some go to mass, and some hold Christmas parties. Noche Buena, based on my experiences, is even more festive than Christmas day. I don’t know why that is so but I guess Filipino families prefer a much quieter Christmas day. Growing up, I’d always be excited for the 24th of December. We’d usually go to my aunt’s house (which is a few houses away from ours LOL) and have a family dinner. There would be endless conversations (I come from a family of social butterflies 😐 My father, especially. I never seemed to inherit that gene) and laughter all throughout the night. As for the kids, well, we would all patiently wait for 12 midnight. That would be when our parents would let us open our gifts. We’d stay up that late even if our eyes forced themselves shut. I always loved Christmas eve as a child and I look forward to it every year.

This year is a bit different though. I’d be spending Christmas eve at home with my parents and our baby, Salt. My cousin, Sam is away in Cebu with her parents and it’s so sad to think that this would be my first Christmas eve without her (I think…). I’ll see you on New Year’s Eve though, Ate Sam! Nevertheless, the true meaning of Christmas still remains relevant no matter where, how or with whom you spend it with. It’ll always be about coming together to receive God’s most special gift to mankind.

Anyway, though we’re only spending Christmas Eve at home, dressing up would never hurt anyone right?


inner top is from Forever 21, Lace outer top is from this new store my friends and I discovered at the newly re-opened Glorietta 2. The place is called Classified and they sell great clothes at great prices. I’m being very sincere, trust me. Go check their store out. Red peplum skirt from Apartment 8




These awesome spiked Mary Jane’s are from Tonic

They're SEMI heel less LOL okay I made that term up but they don't pass as heel less pumps shoes to me... Nevertheless they're pretty and very easy to walk in

They’re SEMI heel less LOL okay I made that term up but they don’t pass as heel less pumps shoes to me… Nevertheless they’re pretty and very easy to walk in


Watch from Guess and bracelets from my most recent shopping venture at the World Trade Center


This is my most favorite necklace out of all my necklaces… I got this from a store at the Supersale Bazaar at The Grove a few years back… I can’t remember which store though but I think this piece is very unique. And it reminded me of sunken treasure and…mermaids…I love mermaids…


Salt seems to be excited for Christmas too!


Isn't he a cutie?

Isn’t he a cutie?

A Merry Christmas to all of you!

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