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Soakin’ Up the Sun, Street, and So Much More in Between

Hello again! It’s been such a long time since I posted and the feeling I’m getting right now ,as I type away is sort of like being back home after a long vacation from far away. It’s good to be back but in a way it’s kind of terrifying to face all the realities one would refuse to deal with while on vacation. So, anyway, I have not been far away for any vacation whatsoever (I wish I was though) because as a matter of fact I have been working my a** off since summer started. It’s a different kind of stress though. It’s far different from the stress school work brought you. I don’t know what to compare it with but all I know is I like it. A few of friends and I have been so busy organizing this car show on May 25, 2013. Don’t get me wrong though, I wouldn’t say that I’m very into cars because till now I would say my knowledge about cars remains to be on an amateur level;that and the fact that I do not drive at all. So, I keep on asking myself if what I’m doing is the right thing. But you know what? When someone close to you asks you to do something, you just can’t say no. Well, you can say no but it’d be very difficult. Also, I figured this would be a good application of everything I have learned about advertising. But I guess the real reason as to why I agreed to this is beyond all the opportunities this car show could possibly give me. It’s more of a sentimental reason; makes me feel connected somehow to someone who used to be a big part of my future but somehow might become someone from the past. LOL

So, moving on… We went on a little ocular visit to our event’s venue, Makati City Hall… I admit it’s a bit unusual for a car show to be held at a government office, but then again Coast 2 Coast isn’t your ordinary car show. We’ve got big plans for this brand and we won’t stop till we achieve them. More about our car show on the next posts but for now here’s what I wore:

my “turista” outfit LOL It’s been so hot lately here in the Metro, don’t you agree? Ugh

neon yellow and gold necklace from my friend, Tricia
Tribal-inspired tank top from Artwork

shorts from Greenhills
Gold sneakers from my friend, Lui
Cap – Polo by Ralph Lauren

outfit post muna while on the job…

Made our way to The Collective at Malugay St. in Makati to check it out for our event’s photo shoot. Indeed, we used the place for the shoot less than a week ago…

The place is definitely a haven for any artistic soul. Various graffiti artwork filled the place. We thought it suited our event’s theme perfectly.

Many thanks to my photogs for the day and for the rest of summer, probably LOL Lui and Muj


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I woke up with the most annoying stiff neck and my mother was coming down with a fever. We figured that there was only one remedy and that would be shopping. We went to Greenbelt to scour the racks of Mango. Who doesn’t love post-Christmas sales? Retail therapy is the perfect remedy to any sickness, I reckon.

So, this was what I wore…

Wanna be hipster outfit… Sorry kung ang feeling 😐 :)) It was such a lazy day and I wanted to wear something comfy. Forgot horn-rimmed glasses lol

Rucksack from SM Ladies’ Bags. I was so happy when I found this rucksack. Believe me when I say it is difficult to look for a perfect rucksack which isn’t too expensive. And I never expected to find one in SM 🙂

Knitted top from Forever 21, necklace from Bedazzle Accessories and Anagon Collection


loafers are Bally

Both shorts and studded belt are from Greenhills

Fortunately, after some retail therapy and halo-halo, my mom and I felt so much better.


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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…lalala” Okay, I don’t know what comes next but you get the point. Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, I can smell its sweet minty scent already (LOL If Christmas did smell like anything, that’s how I imagine it’d smell like) There are Christmas decorations everywhere in the Metro by now and along with that is the endless sea of people on the streets and in the malls. And who can ever forget the irritatingly wonderful Christmas traffic? Don’t you just love Christmas in the Philippines? I do.

Passed by San Lo park today and I noticed the Christmas tree all set up in the park already… Funny, I’ve been passing by everyday from school and I never even noticed till now… How long has this been up?

I’ve never been out too late, though to see all the wonderful lights, especially those in Ayala Triangle 😦 Stupid school work… I swear I’ll take pictures soon enough once I’m officially on break!

Also since I’ve been feeling all Christmas-y you can count on it showing in the way I dress. Another thing I love about Christmas? It’s the perfect time to wear all sorts of rich fabrics (satins, silks, velvets and so much more…YEY!). Oh! And of course, Christmas is the perfect time to wear greens and reds. (sigh) I just love Christmas!

This is my lazy outfit LOL Not really. I just think this outfit’s lazy ’cause my sarouel pants are so comfy! Oh and I’m sorry I’m such a bag repeater. The Le Pliage in my opinion is the perfect school tote so I like using it a lot. BTW my round sunnies are from Fayeness Shop

Pop art necklace from Freeway

My lovely embroidered satin top is from Pink Manila

A closer look at my sarouel. Sarouel pants from SM GTW, Wedges from St. Francis Square Tiangge hihi

A week or so to go and it’s finally Christmas! I can hardly wait 🙂 What will you be wearing then?

Pictures by Tal Ybarola

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