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Take My Hand I’ll Show You The Wild Side

One last push…And I’m done with this semester!!!! WOOHOOOOO! Happy days are here again! Trust me, how I’m feeling right now isn’t even half of how the previous statement sounded like. It’s a feeling so indescribable I can’t put myself together to possibly expressing it into words. That’s because no word ever written or even thought about can even describe this feeling. WAAAAAH! asdfghjkl… Anyway, the photos below were taken a week ago by my good friend and my new protegee, Jenni Ginete HIHI! She deserves something cute for all the hard work she puts into taking my photos despite being all stressed out from school. Soon, Jenni, soon! Any way I was talking about mixing and changing up my style a bit and here’s my second attempt. It’s a working progress and it isn’t much to be proud of…YET. I am so stoked to shop for a new wardrobe. Have you guys been to Stradivarius and Bershka at Glorietta 2? They’ve got a lot of rad pieces and I’ve got my eyes on a few already. I can’t wait! (Forgive me for another terribly short post. Everything seems so rushed lately, like everything around me just keeps on moving very fast and I have to keep up and move just as fast. I promise to post a lenghty post very soon)

These round sunnies from Lui have become an essential for my everyday look. I don’t know I just get so lazy to look for other sunnies in my stash that’d look good with a particular outfit. These just go along with anything.

My sick top is from Seventh Street My gold chains are from Forever 21 Watch is from Aldo Rings are from Freeway and my friend, Tricia


Okay, I’m off to finish some stuff for school now… LAST PUSH, BABY! Au Revoir and Happy Summer Vacation!!!


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It’s been a while since I’ve last posted and I don’t really want to get into details as to the reason of my blogging hiatus. I’ve already mentioned how busy I have been with thesis for the past weeks and I’m getting tired of it already. Seriously. I mean come on, it’s March already. It’s about time I get wasted on alcoholic beverages already (speaking of which I’ve been dying to have Mimosas but I don’t exactly know where to get some here in the Metro. Help?). I hereby swear to get me a cocktail of some sort as a little treat after we finally submit our thesis and after our PhySci finals. That’s a pinky promise.

Anyway, I titled this post “Transitional” because I think this is the starting point to transitioning my style into something darker, more mature but nonetheless fun, and a lot less girly. I just figured that I’m turning 20 years old this year and I haven’t really experimented much on my clothing. I want to try being more risqué. I’ve also been inspired by urban fashion lately. Whenever I’m not doing stuff for school, I’d read articles about the whole Chrihanna (Chris Brown + Rihanna) relationship. Apparently, they’re getting back together. It’s such a shame because I really liked Chris’ ex-girlfriend Karreuche. I think she’s so cute and her style’s really unique. I’d love to get my hands on a few pieces from The Kill, her joint venture with CB. I’ll find a way to get me a cap or a jacket soon. I just don’t think they’d be shipping outside of the U.S, though.

What I wore to another day of stress:

My friend Genevieve, (LOL) offered to take my photos and my friend Maika, did all the creative directing. It was so funny how both of them dragged me everywhere and to the most unusual areas too! Nonetheless, the pictures all turned out pretty good, don’t you think? Love my new style crew!

Love this photo personally!

My super rad necklace is from Apostrophe, that cute little store with all the Audrey Hepburn stuff. I normally wouldn’t wear gold and silver at the same time but I couldn’t resist buying this piece.

These gorgeous peep-toes are from Topshop. Got them at a discount for only a thousand and two hundred bucks! Lucky huh? They were the last ones for my size and I begged the attendant to hold it for me for two days. They don’t normally allow that but I guess the lady saw how much I wanted it. Thank you so much ate Topshop! I promise to always buy at that Topshop branch only :3

tank top – Kamiseta
vest – Classified
striped pants – What A Girl Wants WAGW
sunnies are a gift from Lulu bear

So stoked for my urban transformation! So stoked for summer vacay as well! Stay tuned 😉

Photos by Genevieve Arca

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It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…lalala” Okay, I don’t know what comes next but you get the point. Christmas is getting nearer and nearer, I can smell its sweet minty scent already (LOL If Christmas did smell like anything, that’s how I imagine it’d smell like) There are Christmas decorations everywhere in the Metro by now and along with that is the endless sea of people on the streets and in the malls. And who can ever forget the irritatingly wonderful Christmas traffic? Don’t you just love Christmas in the Philippines? I do.

Passed by San Lo park today and I noticed the Christmas tree all set up in the park already… Funny, I’ve been passing by everyday from school and I never even noticed till now… How long has this been up?

I’ve never been out too late, though to see all the wonderful lights, especially those in Ayala Triangle 😦 Stupid school work… I swear I’ll take pictures soon enough once I’m officially on break!

Also since I’ve been feeling all Christmas-y you can count on it showing in the way I dress. Another thing I love about Christmas? It’s the perfect time to wear all sorts of rich fabrics (satins, silks, velvets and so much more…YEY!). Oh! And of course, Christmas is the perfect time to wear greens and reds. (sigh) I just love Christmas!

This is my lazy outfit LOL Not really. I just think this outfit’s lazy ’cause my sarouel pants are so comfy! Oh and I’m sorry I’m such a bag repeater. The Le Pliage in my opinion is the perfect school tote so I like using it a lot. BTW my round sunnies are from Fayeness Shop

Pop art necklace from Freeway

My lovely embroidered satin top is from Pink Manila

A closer look at my sarouel. Sarouel pants from SM GTW, Wedges from St. Francis Square Tiangge hihi

A week or so to go and it’s finally Christmas! I can hardly wait 🙂 What will you be wearing then?

Pictures by Tal Ybarola

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