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Florals and Final Deadlines

You know that feeling when you think you’ve accomplished something really big but it was just a dream? Or when you get through this very difficult level in a video game and the power suddenly goes out and you did not save the game? Sucks huh? Well, that’s exactly what happened to us. We all got major stressed out because everyone thought theses were supposed to be submitted by Wednesday. My partner and I pulled off an all-nighter finishing our thesis without recommended revisions from our professor since she wasn’t even replying to our email. So, we ended up just working things out, finishing the papers and printing them out just in time for submission. And we were so happy once the department stamped on our thesis to verify them receiving it on that day. It was like this huge burden got lifted up from our backs by some helpful giant or something. That was why we spent the rest of the afternoon doing absolutely nothing. But came Thursday and we found out that our professor sent us revisions at about 3 AM and boy, did we have much to revise. Also, theses were due by Friday NOT Wednesday. It was back to work for us trying to beat the deadline yet again (not to mention we wasted so much ink and so many papers for our first submission). Don’t you just hate it when that happens?? UGH! Anyway, we got through that hell of a week and another hell of a week shall start again. It’s a good thing we had this long weekend to unwind and just not worry about deadlines. Ah, the life of a college junior! I’m so excited to get everything done already!

What I wore on that very disappointing day:

Don’t you just love the crochet and tulle details on my cardigan? They add an element of surprise to the classic black cardi Black cardigan – Pink Manila Red floral mini dress – thrifted (from a friend)

Collar/bib necklace – A gift from Lui

Rings – both from Forever 21

Lakas pa ng loob ko pumose-pose at mag red lipstick… Kala ko tapos na ang stress… >.<

All photos taken by my new photographer-in-training: Jenni Ginete LOL

So, how are you guys handling the pre-summer vacation stress?


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