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Take My Hand I’ll Show You The Wild Side

One last push…And I’m done with this semester!!!! WOOHOOOOO! Happy days are here again! Trust me, how I’m feeling right now isn’t even half of how the previous statement sounded like. It’s a feeling so indescribable I can’t put myself together to possibly expressing it into words. That’s because no word ever written or even thought about can even describe this feeling. WAAAAAH! asdfghjkl… Anyway, the photos below were taken a week ago by my good friend and my new protegee, Jenni Ginete HIHI! She deserves something cute for all the hard work she puts into taking my photos despite being all stressed out from school. Soon, Jenni, soon! Any way I was talking about mixing and changing up my style a bit and here’s my second attempt. It’s a working progress and it isn’t much to be proud of…YET. I am so stoked to shop for a new wardrobe. Have you guys been to Stradivarius and Bershka at Glorietta 2? They’ve got a lot of rad pieces and I’ve got my eyes on a few already. I can’t wait! (Forgive me for another terribly short post. Everything seems so rushed lately, like everything around me just keeps on moving very fast and I have to keep up and move just as fast. I promise to post a lenghty post very soon)

These round sunnies from Lui have become an essential for my everyday look. I don’t know I just get so lazy to look for other sunnies in my stash that’d look good with a particular outfit. These just go along with anything.

My sick top is from Seventh Street My gold chains are from Forever 21 Watch is from Aldo Rings are from Freeway and my friend, Tricia


Okay, I’m off to finish some stuff for school now… LAST PUSH, BABY! Au Revoir and Happy Summer Vacation!!!


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Casual Saturday



My very laidback Saturday outfit. I’m usually trotting around in heels on Saturdays but since I thought I was gonna be riding the mrt up north, I wore sandals…





blazer – SM GTW
tank top – Forever 21
Snakeskin printed jeans – Seventh Street
bag – People Are People


Necklace – Greenhills


Vina and Tal, my forever photographer, posing for their ootd’s as well LOL


this is what happens when people find out you brought a camera to school LOL. Lots of pikachures while waiting for the professor


More kaartehan outside AC…While waiting for the shuttle to the mall


Saturdate with Lui…


…And Macky! You guys saved my Saturday huhu :’)



more kaartehan lol. At Fort Strip this time…


Oh, and I saw this huge wrestler guy and asked for a picture together! LOL. JK. That’s Tito Euge

My Saturday went great. Unfortunately, though, for a lot of the people living not so far away from us, Saturday wasn’t a very good day. This huge fire destroyed houses and lives in Kalayaan, Pasay. Your prayers for these people are deeply appreciated.

Photos by Tal Ybarola, Macky Quisao, and Luisa Francia

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