China Town Street Style

In the height of all the preparations the being done for the Lunar New Year, my fellow communications students and I went on an educational trip to Binondo, Manila (China Town), to soak in the rich Chinese culture right in the heart of Manila. Binondo was established by the Spaniards as the confinement of the Chinese immigrants in Manila during the Spanish rule in the Philippines. But it is said that the Chinese were already living in Binondo before the Spaniards came. Binondo is apparently the oldest China Town in the world and it is home to authentic Chinese culture. It was once the business and financial district of Manila up until World War 2. After the war, most establishments relocated to Makati City. The street is the center of Binondo life as this is where people sold their products, this is where they socialized, and etc. And the streets of Binondo were festive just in time for the new year. We could have never chosen a better time to visit Binondo than right before the Lunar New Year.

Binondo Church where the famous Philippine hero, Andres Bonifacio, got married

Binondo Church where the famous Philippine hero, Andres Bonifacio, got married

China Town feels

China Town feels

One of our tour guides, Anson

One of our tour guides, Anson


The famous Ongpin Street

The famous Ongpin Street

Street vendor...

Street vendor…


"bakpia" or more popularly known as "hopia" is a pastry filled with purple yam or red mung bean

“bakpia” or more popularly known as “hopia” is a pastry filled with purple yam or red mung bean

Jenni posing with this cart of oranges...

Jenni posing with this cart of oranges…

gingers tied with red ribbons...I'm not entirely sure why they do this but it made everything seem more festive... The streets were filled with these.

gingers tied with red ribbons…I’m not entirely sure why they do this but it made everything seem more festive… The streets were filled with these.


fresh crustaceans!

fresh crustaceans!

Aey in front of A.E.Y General Merchandise Store LOL

Aey in front of A.E.Y General Merchandise Store LOL


ARM CANDY!!!! HAHAHAHA! Lucky charms for the new year!

ARM CANDY!!!! HAHAHAHA! Lucky charms for the new year!


street style

street style


Binondo OOTD lol

Binondo OOTD lol

Inside a Taoist temple

Inside a Taoist temple


prayers to the god of the Arts and Literature








The perfect ending to an enriching morning... A full-on lauriat lunch at President's Tea House, one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Manila

The perfect ending to a perfect histo-cultural walk… A full-on lauriat lunch at President’s Tea House, one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Manila



A walk through the historical streets of Binondo was such a memorable and enriching experience. Kung Hei Fat Choi everyone!

Photos by: Myself and Tal Ybarola


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Can’t Really Think Of A Particularly Good Title For This One…

I woke up early just to find out that our professor wasn’t going to show up so that was kind of a bummer. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? You could’ve woken up minutes later for crying out loud. So, anyway, we went to Starbucks just to let time pass till we could go back to school in time for our next class. And then after that we went back to Starbucks to chill (I swear they make so much money from me. Ehem Starbucks people…Discount naman o LOL I’m a regular customer at Glorietta 4 LOL). So, yeah…This is such a short and not to mention boring post. Bear with me and please don’t hate me. That’s really all that happened. I guess people are just too busy because of thesis lately, thus the days get more boring everyday.

What I wore:


I was hoping that it’ll be windy when we took pictures because the skirt would’ve looked divine but unfortunately it started getting windy hours after we took pictures… LOL Fail



gold collar necklace from The Jewelry Boulevard. Go click the link! Awesome finds at awesome prices! GOOOO


The belt’s a Christmas gift from my aunt Gina


top from Greenhills
skirt from Pink Manila
bandage wedges from Tonic


Photos by Tal Ybarola

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The Big Chill

So, this is where it all starts; all the long nights, the restlessness, and not to mention, the stress: Thesis. Our topic about social media and political marketing just got approved last week and we maximized our time left by procrastinating and just being our usual easy-go-lucky selves. Today is the day we start cracking. My partner, Aey, and I have already done a few parts for chapter one and we’re positive we’re going to finish this chapter by Saturday. And then it’s off to start with chapter two. I’ve never felt so pressured in my entire life. No kidding.

We spent most of the day at Big Chill in Greenbelt 3, supposedly getting work done but unfortunately, katamaran pops up its ugly head, as usual, and we ended up chilling at big chill. Well sort of. We did start working, we just didn’t finish lol. So, anyway, I hope all works out well in the end. Wish us luck and pray for us pretty please? Huhu

What I wore to our “thesis “sesh:

I wore a simple yet elegant and, not to mention, breezy sheer top and a bandage skirt. The oversized black bag also looked quite well with the overall look. Remember what Tyra Banks always said in the Tyra show, “If you want to look expensive, wear Black.” and I agree. Would you believe me if I told you the bag’s from Landmark and it costs less than a thousand?

sheer top from some store at the Rockwell Bazaar, bandage skirt from The Landmark


Necklace from Bedazzle Accessories

Rings from some bazaar a long time ago... I'm terribly sorry for I cannot remember

Rings from some bazaar a long time ago… I’m terribly sorry for I cannot remember

Satin ballet flats from Ichigo

Satin ballet flats from Ichigo

My forever sunnies from where else? Forever 21 duh!

I love my photographer. She makes me look so good in photos. Minus all the awkwardness and weirdness LOL

Jenni being so industrious... Doing her part for their thesis AKA facebook-ing LOL

Jenni being so industrious… Doing her part for their thesis AKA facebook-ing LOL


My very masipag and not to mention always on time (sarcasm lol) thesis partner, Aey! We're actually aiming for thesis of the year, FYI. CHOS! Lol. Ambisyosa kami bakit?

My very masipag and not to mention always on time (sarcasm lol) thesis partner, Aey! We’re actually aiming for thesis of the year, FYI. CHOS! Lol. Ambisyosa kami bakit?

I cannot wait for all this to end. Wish us luck!

Photos by Tal Ybarola

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That Awkward Moment…

Don’t you just hate cliff hangers? I sure do. Ironically though that’s what I came up with as a title for the post. I hung out at Starbucks since I thought I arrived in Makati too early for me to go straight to school. I just hate going to school without anyone to accompany me. I don’t know but I just find it weird wander in the halls alone and since we were having an open house for interested applicants, there would be a lot of people there. Another reason for me to spend time somewhere else until I find someone to accompany me. So, anyway, there I was happily sitting outside Starbucks, happily sipping on my Caramel Macchiato, satisfied by the solitude when kuya barista comes out and suddenly asks for my number. So, I tell him no. He assumes I have a boyfriend and I said, in a very as-a-matter-of-fact manner, “Why yes. Actually I have this gut feeling he’s going to propose to me tonight.” LOL I shouldn’t have said that. The kuya guard laughed at kuya barista as kuya barista went back in, defeated. Stupid me. Well, it wasn’t wrong to reject him, I do have a boyfriend after all, but I guess I shouldn’t have done so harshly. LOL I guess I won’t be going back there. Anyway… Yup…That awkward moment. LOL So, basically I went to school just to get out of the house.

So, this was what I wore:

So wasn’t in the mood… I felt so… laid-back lol

sheer black button-up from Greenhills blank tank from Bayo faded jeans from Next in Cinderella bag, Longchamp

feather necklace from some store at Hip in Rockwell

Killer spiked flats from Pill at The Ramp. Literally killer. Those spikes are so sharp you could actually poke someone’s eye out. Lol ironically though I don’t think that’ll ever happen unless I throw this at somebody

Jenni fooling around

Jenni fooling around part dos

Oh and after I went to school… TADAH! A surprise visit to the high school alma mater. It was so nostalgic being back on the quadrangle. *sigh*

Oh and our friend Macky celebrated his 20th birthday at the one and only Garage 14 AKA his house LOL. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures.

Photos by Tal Ybarola


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Ice Cream, Frappe, and Glittered Soles

We’ve been out of school youths for three days and it felt so good to relax from all the schoolwork that welcomed us this new year (Though there haven’t been much, really lol). I think we deserved those three days because this is where war starts. Yes, thesis topics were finally approved today and we’ve got to get cracking. So, yesterday, I went to Greenbelt to pick up a pair of pumps I had reserved from Topshop hihi. I was so happy to get a pair of peep toe pumps with glittery heels at 70% off, baby! Yes, 70% off. Lucky huh? I promise to post them soon. After that, I met up with my friend/photographer forever, Tal, for some Italian ice cream, coffee, and a good time at Caffe Ti Amo. Too bad I didn’t get to sit on their rocking chair. I always dreamed of sitting on it. I dunno, I guess I think it’d make me feel like a queen lol. Oh well, may be next time, then.

What I wore:


Very chill ensemble for a very chilly day…


Monochromatic arm candy! Bracelets from my cousin, Greenhills and The Jewelry Boulevard. I urge you to check their shop out. Very cool finds at equally cool prices.


The ring’s from The Jewelry Boulevard as well hihi


Outfit close up!
Denim jacket from American Eagle Outfitters, Printed tank top from Mango, Leggings from some tiangge, Tote from Michael Kors


Excuse my very pink flats… So maarte. eeeewww LOL
Flats from Fancy Flats



My mint chocolate chip and cheesecake gelato along with my tiramisu frappe… Heaven


Tal’s dark chocolate frappe. Isn’t it weird how we both got ice blended beverages although the weather was chilly?


Photos by Tal

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Casual Saturday



My very laidback Saturday outfit. I’m usually trotting around in heels on Saturdays but since I thought I was gonna be riding the mrt up north, I wore sandals…





blazer – SM GTW
tank top – Forever 21
Snakeskin printed jeans – Seventh Street
bag – People Are People


Necklace – Greenhills


Vina and Tal, my forever photographer, posing for their ootd’s as well LOL


this is what happens when people find out you brought a camera to school LOL. Lots of pikachures while waiting for the professor


More kaartehan outside AC…While waiting for the shuttle to the mall


Saturdate with Lui…


…And Macky! You guys saved my Saturday huhu :’)



more kaartehan lol. At Fort Strip this time…


Oh, and I saw this huge wrestler guy and asked for a picture together! LOL. JK. That’s Tito Euge

My Saturday went great. Unfortunately, though, for a lot of the people living not so far away from us, Saturday wasn’t a very good day. This huge fire destroyed houses and lives in Kalayaan, Pasay. Your prayers for these people are deeply appreciated.

Photos by Tal Ybarola, Macky Quisao, and Luisa Francia

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I Dreamed A Dream In Time Gone By

Wednesday was such an eye-opener to me. I usually don’t pay much attention to my NSTP class. I’d usually just wait ever so patiently (And difficult, it is) for the three hours to go by so I can finally get on with life. But this particular session touched my heart. Our topic in class was “social responsibility” and so we watched a few videos showing different contemporary heroes taking risks and devoting their hearts for the betterment of their fellow men. I was especially touched by CNN hero, Narayanan Krishnan’s story. Imagine a guy, a well-renowned chef at a five star hotel, living the life, but suddenly gives up his job and dedicates his skill and his heart to feeding the poor. “I saw a very old man eating his own human waste for food. It really hurt me so much. I was literally shocked for a second. After that, I started feeding that man and decided this is what I should do for the rest of my life”. I think that statement says it all. It’s really heart-crushing to see people on the streets, with nowhere to go, no food to relieve their hunger and not even a single person who cares for them. We stop for a second and are crushed by the sight, but after that, we move on with life as if we didn’t see anything. I’m actually guilty of this. I can’t even bear to look at these people. Maybe because a part of me wants to do something yet another part’s asking how. Yet people like Narayanan Krishnan braved all the uncertainty and did what was right. I was greatly inspired after our class. And to top it off, we watched the very much talked about film adaptation of Victor Hugo’s masterpiece, Les Miserables, later in the evening. I’ve never appreciated a musical as much as I loved this movie. I’m deeply grateful to our school for sponsoring and having us all watch it.

So, this was what I wore that day…


My new closet staple. I love how this skirt is body-hugging and how it falls just above the knee. Not too short nor too long.


printed tank – Artwork
bondage skirt – Forever 21
bag – Topshop


My tribal necklace is from Yhansy


Round sunnies from Fayeness shop



Les Miserables is a must watch! I am not exaggerating at all. If you haven’t seen it yet, go. Now


We waited six hours after our class to watch the movie. It was worth all the pains of waiting, though.

Photos by Mina Cruzada

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