Can’t Really Think Of A Particularly Good Title For This One…

I woke up early just to find out that our professor wasn’t going to show up so that was kind of a bummer. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? You could’ve woken up minutes later for crying out loud. So, anyway, we went to Starbucks just to let time pass till we could go back to school in time for our next class. And then after that we went back to Starbucks to chill (I swear they make so much money from me. Ehem Starbucks people…Discount naman o LOL I’m a regular customer at Glorietta 4 LOL). So, yeah…This is such a short and not to mention boring post. Bear with me and please don’t hate me. That’s really all that happened. I guess people are just too busy because of thesis lately, thus the days get more boring everyday.

What I wore:


I was hoping that it’ll be windy when we took pictures because the skirt would’ve looked divine but unfortunately it started getting windy hours after we took pictures… LOL Fail



gold collar necklace from The Jewelry Boulevard. Go click the link! Awesome finds at awesome prices! GOOOO


The belt’s a Christmas gift from my aunt Gina


top from Greenhills
skirt from Pink Manila
bandage wedges from Tonic


Photos by Tal Ybarola


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