That Awkward Moment…

Don’t you just hate cliff hangers? I sure do. Ironically though that’s what I came up with as a title for the post. I hung out at Starbucks since I thought I arrived in Makati too early for me to go straight to school. I just hate going to school without anyone to accompany me. I don’t know but I just find it weird wander in the halls alone and since we were having an open house for interested applicants, there would be a lot of people there. Another reason for me to spend time somewhere else until I find someone to accompany me. So, anyway, there I was happily sitting outside Starbucks, happily sipping on my Caramel Macchiato, satisfied by the solitude when kuya barista comes out and suddenly asks for my number. So, I tell him no. He assumes I have a boyfriend and I said, in a very as-a-matter-of-fact manner, “Why yes. Actually I have this gut feeling he’s going to propose to me tonight.” LOL I shouldn’t have said that. The kuya guard laughed at kuya barista as kuya barista went back in, defeated. Stupid me. Well, it wasn’t wrong to reject him, I do have a boyfriend after all, but I guess I shouldn’t have done so harshly. LOL I guess I won’t be going back there. Anyway… Yup…That awkward moment. LOL So, basically I went to school just to get out of the house.

So, this was what I wore:

So wasn’t in the mood… I felt so… laid-back lol

sheer black button-up from Greenhills blank tank from Bayo faded jeans from Next in Cinderella bag, Longchamp

feather necklace from some store at Hip in Rockwell

Killer spiked flats from Pill at The Ramp. Literally killer. Those spikes are so sharp you could actually poke someone’s eye out. Lol ironically though I don’t think that’ll ever happen unless I throw this at somebody

Jenni fooling around

Jenni fooling around part dos

Oh and after I went to school… TADAH! A surprise visit to the high school alma mater. It was so nostalgic being back on the quadrangle. *sigh*

Oh and our friend Macky celebrated his 20th birthday at the one and only Garage 14 AKA his house LOL. Too bad I didn’t take any pictures.

Photos by Tal Ybarola



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2 responses to “That Awkward Moment…

  1. Jenni

    omg oh no you didnt hahahahha

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