Mini Reunion at Red Box

We all meet friends here and there as we slowly tread the road we call life. Some meet a lot and some meet a few. Some friends are new, some friends are old. Some friends we see everyday, and some we barely see. Some friends walk out of our life and some we keep for life. Nonetheless, they’re all friends. Friends who have made, who are making, and who will continue to make a huge impact in our lives. Friends who have somehow made us into who we are now. A certain Saturday made me thankful of the friendships I’ve made in my short 19 years of existence. Some turned their backs on me, some changed me, some accepted me and some loved me. Nevertheless all of them I consider friends because each of them contributed to the chapters that make up my life.

I’m glad to have found these friends of mine

We had a mini reunion at RedBox, Greenbelt. We had unending laughs and conversations. It was not like we haven’t seen each other in such a long time. But we have not seen each other for long. And that’s the beauty of this kind of bond. It’s the kind of bond that strengthens even as time passes by. I hope we get to do this again 🙂

A quintessential outfit post but of course…

lace top from Forever 21, jeans from Paige

statement necklace from Forever 21… Never regretted buying this necklace as it instantly glamorizes any simple outfit.

Wedges from So Fab

watch from Aldo. This is by far my favorite timepiece as it has changeable straps…

A close-up at the details of my lace top

Hope you all enjoyed your weekends! Until next time!


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