Rocket Man

Truth be told the title of this post has no connection whatsoever to the content. It just so happens that my dad was playing this cool Elton John song while I was thinking of a title. On the contrary, the song does go pretty well with fireworks as it is listed as one of the top 20 songs that go well with fireworks displays. Fireworks. That’s exactly what we went to Bulacan for. And a trip up north was just the perfect way to spend a Friday.


Look at all those fireworks…


Surprise surprise! We had a mini photo shoot at a fireworks warehouse… LOL

My “LMFAO” sunglasses are from Aldo

Heidi Klum shirt from Seventh Street and my shorts are originally acid washed boyfriend jeans from Paddock

My union jack watch is a gift from Singapore, bracelets are from Divisoria and the spiked bracelet I bought from my best friend as she is selling accessories at such cheap prices… Seriously… And I’d include the link to her shop here and all but…I don’t know its url LOL So, you better ask her…

And “poof” A wild Luisa appears out of nowhere LOL That’s my best friend, Lui… If you are interested in buying awesome cheap accessories go ask her… 😛 Oh! And check her blog out will you? Just click her name and you will be magically transported LOL

On a side note: Just in case you’re wondering… No… We did not plan on wearing similar outfits… LOL Just a common case of great minds thinking alike…duh

I just had to include this photo… My photographer for the day, BFF Macky

Fun day… So, how did you spend your Friday? 🙂


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