Christmas Eve

It’s a tradition in every Filipino home to celebrate Noche Buena which is Spanish referring to the night before Christmas. Traditionally Filipinos gather with their loved ones to have dinner, some go to mass, and some hold Christmas parties. Noche Buena, based on my experiences, is even more festive than Christmas day. I don’t know why that is so but I guess Filipino families prefer a much quieter Christmas day. Growing up, I’d always be excited for the 24th of December. We’d usually go to my aunt’s house (which is a few houses away from ours LOL) and have a family dinner. There would be endless conversations (I come from a family of social butterflies 😐 My father, especially. I never seemed to inherit that gene) and laughter all throughout the night. As for the kids, well, we would all patiently wait for 12 midnight. That would be when our parents would let us open our gifts. We’d stay up that late even if our eyes forced themselves shut. I always loved Christmas eve as a child and I look forward to it every year.

This year is a bit different though. I’d be spending Christmas eve at home with my parents and our baby, Salt. My cousin, Sam is away in Cebu with her parents and it’s so sad to think that this would be my first Christmas eve without her (I think…). I’ll see you on New Year’s Eve though, Ate Sam! Nevertheless, the true meaning of Christmas still remains relevant no matter where, how or with whom you spend it with. It’ll always be about coming together to receive God’s most special gift to mankind.

Anyway, though we’re only spending Christmas Eve at home, dressing up would never hurt anyone right?


inner top is from Forever 21, Lace outer top is from this new store my friends and I discovered at the newly re-opened Glorietta 2. The place is called Classified and they sell great clothes at great prices. I’m being very sincere, trust me. Go check their store out. Red peplum skirt from Apartment 8




These awesome spiked Mary Jane’s are from Tonic

They're SEMI heel less LOL okay I made that term up but they don't pass as heel less pumps shoes to me... Nevertheless they're pretty and very easy to walk in

They’re SEMI heel less LOL okay I made that term up but they don’t pass as heel less pumps shoes to me… Nevertheless they’re pretty and very easy to walk in


Watch from Guess and bracelets from my most recent shopping venture at the World Trade Center


This is my most favorite necklace out of all my necklaces… I got this from a store at the Supersale Bazaar at The Grove a few years back… I can’t remember which store though but I think this piece is very unique. And it reminded me of sunken treasure and…mermaids…I love mermaids…


Salt seems to be excited for Christmas too!


Isn't he a cutie?

Isn’t he a cutie?

A Merry Christmas to all of you!


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