It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

I’m finally on Christmas break! YEEEEEEEEY! You have no idea how good it feels to wake up and not have to take a bath till the sun has finally set. Gross, I know. Nevertheless it’s the most coveted bum life. I’ve been doing absolutely nothing today and I’ve got nothing to worry about either (Except revising my thesis proposal which is due tomorrow but I’ll worry about it later maybe or even tomorrow LOL Spell PROCRASTINATION). Anyway, I’ve had the most terrific pre-Christmas break celebration with my friends. We attended the annual Paskong Assumptionista our college holds. Okay, it’s nothing like Paskuhan in UST or any other college Christmas party because we don’t have the bands or the fireworks or the glorious Christmas lights. We do, however, get to spend time with less fortunate kids and get to make them happy this Christmas season. Basically, Paskong A is a treat for the kids and it’s very fun. And may I say that it gets better every year. It’s a big part of Assumption tradition and I’ll never miss it for the world (Even if it’s so difficult to wake up so early in the morning).

We had mimes…


We had a bouncy castle…

And we had a cupcake decorating booth…Fun Fun Fun!

So, this was what I wore:

This angle isn’t so flattering as it gives off the illusion of a pear shape… Pay it no mind…

My top is a gift from my dear friend Jess. It’s from Artwork.

Jeans are from Penshoppe. I’ve had these since High school, when colored jeans became a trend…Now they’re back! Luckily, I didn’t give them away. Sandals are brandless…Got them from some tiangge two years ago and they’re still alive…

Arm candy from Tomato

An effortless outfit for a very exhaustingly rewarding day… So, how did you spend your last day of school before Christmas break?

Photos by Tal Ybarola


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