Pumpkin Pie

Exactly a week to go and it’s finally Christmas break! I just can’t contain the excitement. In the mean time, though, we’ve got our hands full with school work. It’s as if we have to go through hell first before we reach paradise, which is Christmas break. Lately, I’ve found myself mentally aloof. My mind has been wandering and I know it does not belong in school anymore. All I can think of now are the parties, presents, dates with Chavs, and of course, all the sleep that’s waiting for me at the end of this horrible week.

So, today we did a filming for our documentary due on Saturday. I was the narrator/host person. I chose to wear a bright Orange peplum dress and Mary Janes since I was going for an old fashioned look.


I failed miserably at achieving an old fashioned look 😐 If only I wore a black peplum dress… Nevertheless I still love this orange dress by Pink Manila. It’s the perfect shade of Orange. It’s not too bright or neon-y nor is it too dull.


Mary Jane pumps from Phil at The Ramp


(tired face trying to smile) Necklace from SM Ladies’ Accessories

I am so excited for Christmas break… Until my next post!

Lovely photos from the equally lovely Claudine Itchon


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